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Friday, December 12, 2003
Dear Bubby,
Do you have an easy recipe for purim cookies? (I LOVED THEM!!!)
Betty the Baker

Dear Betty the Baker,
Yes I do have a great recipe for purim cookies - called hamentashen and I will send it to you tomorrow since the recipe is in the kitchen and I'm upstairs.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Dear Bubby,
I am a very affectionate person. I love giving and receiving hugs. However, some of my friends are rather allergic to my public displays of affection. How can I show them how much I care about them without scarying them by hugging them??
Hanna the Hugster

Dear Hanna the Hugster,
You must be some hugger if you scare your friends. Try a little finese when you hug but don't hug so much. Too much of a good thing turns out TOO BAD. Don't hug them -- You might say instead, I could hug you for what you did or said and let it go at that. Of course if you have a sweetheart let him hug you and then you can reciprocate. That's great to do in this cold - cold weather.

Have fun
Tuesday, December 9, 2003
Dear Bubby,
My cousin is getting married in a few weeks and the entire family is going to be present. You see, she is my age and this is the first big family wedding in a family of mostly women. The problem is that I am not dating anyone and am not ready to marry anyone anytime soon. I am, after all, only 25. My question for you is, how do I answer the dreaded "So, when are you getting married?" question from all the family members *gracefully?*.

I am really looking to seeing all my relatives but I am certainly afraid of snapping someone's head off when answering this question.
Single Sally

Dear Single Sally,
Well, well. So when are you getting married? I know just how you feel but don't be discouraged -- only the old relatives want that question answered then they will have something to gossip about. Just be honest and tell them when you are ready and the right guy comes along . But do go to the wedding and have a good time -- dance and sing and enjoy and look over the single men. You are a very pretty, witty girl and you shine above the rest. At 25 you are young.

I have a habit of reading the Sunday papers to see if I know any of the new people getting married. Most of them are in their 30's. But that's how long it takes to mature while having fun in your 20's. Just be sure to tell your relatives: You'll be invited. And to you I say - Pick the right person - when you are married you are married for a long time so be happy.

You can count on me.
Dear Bubby,
My boyfriend doesnt know how to take care of himself. He's overweight, has bad haircut, untamed hairy nose, severe skin facial problem. He's a downward mess. I've tried telling him to go to beautician and stuff, but he just doesnt care about those kind of grooming thingies. I'm tired of telling him what to do and I hate looking at his catastrophe appearance. Should I just dump him?
Miss Tidy

Dear Miss Tidy,
Not only are you tidy but you must have the patience of an angel where this "boyfriend" is concerned. Why I can smell him from here. UGH. Give the ultimatan that he has just so much time to clean up -- and give him a time - whether it is a week or two. If he still does not clean up: drop him. How can you stand being kissed by such a mess. You're too good to hang around with a guy like that or you will wake up one morning and be just like him. You are too good for that. UGH . Treat him to a big cake of soap.

Good scrubbing.
Thursday, December 4, 2003
Dear Bubby,
What do you think about dating people you work with? Everyone always thinks it is wrong, but just how about if the two people keep it to themselves?

Dear Tamara,
I have known instances where people working together dated. Sometimes it is OK but other times - watch out. Don't date married man that's trouble and you would be the wrong one -- no matter what stories that person tells you. On the other hand two young people have private lives and do as they please and then again - if there is trouble you will be the blame. And suppose a fellow worker takes you out a few times and a new person is hired he falls madly in love with her and drops you like a hot potato. How can you stay and work in the same atmosphere. Personally I would not recommend developing a relationship with a fellow employee. There are plenty of fish in the sea as the saying goes.

Have fun - don't get hurt.
Wednesday, December 3, 2003
Dear Bubby,
Help I need some body.
Yes, here in Tel Aviv in Israel I find in university or in parties, in salsa evenings or through friends, girls I happen fell in love. But what happens to me is that mostly I get rejection and for the full irony there are other girls whom are not in my interest (not buety, not clever, too young ...), who tries to flirt with me. Yes, I had girls friend in the past and therefore I know that I have to wait pateintly for the full match. It will come!!!! But it did not, yet.

I used to work in hi tech for 5 years, now I am in the end of one year break dedicated for my thesis and now, when I am about to finish, I do not have passion for working 11 hours again, when a serious girlfriend is waiting for me back home. What do you advice me to do, to compromise, or to wait for the right girl? To start working again, when my head is busy with girls? (Where I work usually no women).

Dear Gaddi,
If you are a mature young man, you should know that the girls you are associating with are there to study and fun is just on the side. I think you should finish that thesis - you are almost there and that you need for your future. I guarantee that a nice girl will come along. And if you have such a girl at home why are you looking for more unless you are looking to drop her and want to play the field. Grow up - get your thesis done -- get a good job in your field and your love life will come when you are least expecting it. And when it does -- enjoy.

Good hunting.
Tuesday, December 2, 2003
Dear Bubby,
I wrote to you a few weeks ago about my break-up with the man I thought I would be spending the rest of my life with (we were together for five years). Since then, I've gone on a few dates, flirted with some new men, and tried to begin anew (I moved to NY from the West coast just three months ago). But every time I think I am truly starting to get over my ex, something reminds me of what we had, and I feel the loss all over again.

I have not spoken to my him in almost two months, and I feel his absence more than ever these days. It hurts, and yet something tells me that not talking has been the right thing for us. My question is, would it be a bad idea to call him over the holidays?
Still Confused in Staten Island

Dear Young Lady,
At this time calling this person is the worst thing you could do right now. I'm sure you must think about him but after all you spent 5 years with him and there must be a lot to remember. But as time passes his memory will vanish. Don't be uptight and think it is imperative that you connect again so soon -- things will change. You broke up because you were smart enough to know that if you married there would be one obstacles after another. Married life is a long time and you have to make sure of the right person.

I too had an experience when I was young. I felt devestated but we broke up. Out of the clear blue sky one night he called me -- about 30 years later. We talked - pleasantly - and when I hug up I said out loud to myself -- I'm so glad we broke up. Otherwise, I would never had met the man I married - whom I love dearly. Don't give up hope you will find each other.

Good hunting and the best of good luck.

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