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Monday, July 10, 2006
Dear Bubby,

I'm 13 years old and I think I love a guy. I know it's not just a crush, and I know it's not just 'puppy love'. I know and love almost everything about him. He is too good to be true. He knows that I like him, but he doesn't know how much. But he does know that I will always be there for him, and that I would die for him.

There's one problem, the only thing I don't like about him: He is 14, but not yet interested in dating. He has friends who are girls, but he would never ask one out. There are girls all over him, even the popular, geeky, pretty, slutty, dorky, flirty, and funny girls. None of them appeal to him. No, he's not gay or anything. But it just aggravates me so much that he can't open up his eyes and realize how much I -or the other girls- care about him.

I have no idea what to do. I love him more than anything in this world. I know you are probably going to tell me that I'm so young that it can't be love. Even if it isn't true love, it's pretty close.

If I had one wish, it would be either:

1. I wish he would really like, maybe love, me.
2. I wish he were never born, so I wouldn't have to feel this way.

I know both of those are impossible to come true , but it's just with a wish. I care about him so much. I am incredibly nice to him. I try to look my best when I'm around him. I try to act like I'm fun to be with. But at the same time, I'm trying to stay true to myself.

What would happen if I ran away and never returned, would he care? What would happen if I didn't show up to school one day, would he notice? What if I kissed him right in front of everyone, would he kiss me back or slap me and call me a freak? What if I told him how I really felt, would he believe me? If he knew how much I love him, would he even care? Would it even change his life? Have I even made the slightest impact on him? Does he even like me as a friend? If I died, would he even cry? I have answered all of those in different perspectives.

Should I try to get over him? Because if that's it, I can't. It's seriously impossible. Should I try to ask him out and see what he will say? I am really shy, and I don't think that I could get the words to come out of my mouth. I just couldn't do it.

Please help me, Bubby. You're my only hope.

Little Girl In Love

Dear Little Girl In Love,

I think you should hang this request on the wall in your bedroom so that you can laugh at it. Maybe even tomorrow.

I am sure that this boy is far more interested in ball games --- to watch and to discuss them with his friends. Girls do mature before boys so it is very natural to ignore girls.

I hope that when you reach maturity you will laugh at your feelings today. Join your girl friends and have some fun. You will meet many boys as you grow up. Either this one will come back or maybe as you grow older you will laugh at yourself.

Happy Hunting,

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hey im 15 and i cant say i know how you feel, but i think i do, i feel the same way about this guy... the only thing you can do is take a risk and tell him that you like him.. dont tell him that you "love" him just yet, that might freak him out a bit.. start it basic and gradually hang out, be one of his good mates and he'll eventually open up his eyes and see what a great chic you are:)
best of luck

By Blogger _ishy_, at 5:02 AM  

It was suggested that boys mature slower, but this fellow might be quite mature for his age. There is little that is more mature than acting appropriately for your own age. What's he SUPPOSED to be doing at his age. What are you supposed to be doing?There is a time and a place for everything, and although we have all been there, and felt the pangs you feel now, they WILL pass, and you can take some hope in that. And I hope you will post your own comments so you can review them latter. You will laugh at them someday very soon, on that you can rely. Enjoy your friends, enjoy him, but do avoid being in love for now. It will interfere with what you are supposed to be doing. It's hard for math to compete with true love. But now is the time for math, school plays, band class, science, all the things that are needed to prepare you for later life.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:24 PM  

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